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We lose teeth due to various reasons including Trauma, tooth decay, gum disease or periodontal disease, congenitally missing as well as crack or fracture. Missing teeth not only affects the oral health but general health. Missing teeth can change the appearance and affect the self-esteem of a person.

Consequences of Missing Teeth

1.     Bone Loss in the space of tooth extraction
2.     Drifting of the adjacent and opposing teeth
3.     Drifting in turn leads to Gum problems and tooth decay.
4.     Tooth loss can affect the appearance of the face
5.     Tooth loss can affect the chewing capacity
6.     Also Drifting causes the bite problems and Jaw (TMJ) problem.                                       

The Pictures below show what happens when we miss a tooth and shows the drifting of adjacent teeth.

The dentists at Lake Lanier Smiles can help you understand why the missing tooth needs replacement and what the best option in your situation is. Now we understand the consequences of missing teeth, we will check the options for replacing missing teeth. The most common and widely used ways to restore a missing tooth are

1.     Dental Implant
2.     Dental Bridge
3.     Dentures


Dental Implant is a permanent treatment for missing teeth which feels and looks more like natural teeth. Dental Implant is made of Titanium, a biocompatible material and placed in the jaw bone. On the implant sits the crown which you can see outside.
Implant Parts
1.     Implant Body: It is like a screw surgically placed in the bone.
2.     Abutment: Is a connector which sits in the implant and holds the crown.
3.     Implant Crown: Is the part which is seen outside and sits on the abutment and resembles a natural tooth.

Advantages of an Implant
1.     Most close to natural teeth in appearance
2.     It is a fixed in the jaw and not removable
3. Long term solution for missing teeth.
4. Most secure option to replace missing teeth.
5. Can replace one or all missing teeth
6. Preserves healthy adjacent teeth
7. Preserves bone loss

Disadvantages of an Implant
1.     Surgical placement of the implant. Not ideal for smokers and with some diseases
2.     Expensive option for replacing missing teeth
3.     Time consuming procedure.

A Bridge is a fixed replacement option supported by anchor teeth on either side of missing tooth or teeth. The anchor teeth are called abutments which are prepared so that it can get a crown or crowns and a false tooth crown called pontic would replace the missing teeth. All these crowns are fused together.

Advantages of a Dental Bridge
1.     Natural appearance as close as an implant option
2.     It is fixed in the mouth, so it’s not removable
3.     A long lasting option to replace missing teeth
4.     A very quick procedure
5.     No surgery, Less Invasive than an Implant
6.     Less expensive than the Dental Implant

Disadvantages of a Dental Bridge
1.     Preparation of adjacent healthy teeth for support.
2.     More expensive than a denture.
3.     Some difficulty with cleaning under the bridge.
4.     Cannot be used if missing multiple teeth.
5.     Cannot be used if bone support is not there.

Dentures are appliances or plates used to replace missing teeth. Dentures are two types. 1. Complete Dentures, replacing all the teeth in the mouth, either upper or lower. 2. Partial Dentures, replacing one or more teeth. Dentures are made of 1.Acrylic, 2. Metal, 3.Plastic or 4. Combination of these.

Advantages of a Denture
1.     Replaces missing teeth and helps with chewing, speaking and appearance.
2.     Cheapest way to replace missing teeth.
3.     Can add teeth to the existing denture.
4.     Non Surgical and Non Invasive procedure.

Disadvantages of a Denture
1.     Retention of a denture is a problem, can become loose
2.     It’s a Removable appliance. So needs to be removed and cleaned.
3.     Needs a replacement often due to breakage.
4.     Might need denture adhesives.

The option you chose is your personal preference. The goal of this article is to give the options for replacing the missing teeth. Please consult the doctors at Lake Lanier Smiles to discuss the best option for your situation and pick the replacement option of your choice.

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