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Frequently asked questions about Root Canal Treatment By Lake Lanier smiles

Frequently asked questions about Root Canal Treatment
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Things you need to know before you get a Root Canal Treatment

This Article is written to educate you about the Root Canal Treatment and the most commonly asked questions about it. We hope this article answers most of your questions and help you understand Root Canal Treatment.

1. What is Root Canal Treatment?
Root Canal Treatment is a procedure where the inflamed or infected pulp/nerve inside the tooth is removed, cleaned and an inert material is placed in the space.

2. Is Root Canal Treatment a common procedure?
 Millions of teeth are saved by root canal procedure every year so it's a very common procedure in dentistry. In 2010, According to American Association of Endodontics about 15 million root canals are performed every year.

3. Why I need Root Canal Treatment?
Root Canal Treatment is done to relieve the inflammation and infection in the nerve or pulp of the tooth.

4. What happens if I don't get Root Canal Treatment?
 If Root canal Treatment is not performed then the chances of swelling and abscess is very high and can cause severe pain.

5. What's the cost of Root Canal Treatment?
 The cost varies depends on the number of canals and location of the tooth. But at Lake Lanier Smiles we have special prices for root canal treatment.
Below is the link for our Lake Lanier Smiles Specials page

TOOTH POSITION                       PRICE              REGULAR PRICE
Front                                                  $499                          $900
Middle                                                $599                          $1000
Back                                                    $699                          $1100

6. What's the success of Root Canal Treatment?
 Studies conducted showed that about 95-98% success rate on root canals.

7. Why root canals fail?
 There are numerous reasons why a root canal fail but some of them are root fractures, extra canals, leaky restorations and perforations.

8. How much time does it take to perform a Root Canal?
It depends on case by case. It takes more time for molar teeth then the front teeth. Usually it's completed in 60-90 minutes.

9. Do I need antibiotics after or before a Root Canal Traetment?
 The dentists at Lake Lanier smiles will decide based on the condition of the infection if antibiotics are needed in your situation.

10. Should I get a crown after root canal treatment?
A crown is mostly recommended after a RCT as the tooth gets brittle and can fracture or break.

11. Do I need pain meds after RCT?
 For a few days after root canal treatment, you might need an over the counter pain meds like Tylenol or Advil or Motrin. If stronger medication is needed our dentists at Lake Lanier Smiles can prescribe you.
12. Does root canal treatment hurt? Do I have pain during RCT?
Root canal treatment is done to relieve toothaches caused by inflammation and infection. Due to technology and research we have better anesthetics now than ever before. Majority of the patients are very comfortable during the process.

13. Is there any alternatives for Root Canal Treatment?
 Only alternate to the root canal is tooth extraction. It's always better to save the tooth as an extraction would cause changes in bite, difficulty eating and bone loss. We believe that nothing can replace our natural tooth completely.

14. Post op instructions for Root Canal Treatment?
 Once Root canal is done it is very important to get the crown so that the tooth is sealed very well. As root canal tooth is brittle and can fracture it's important to get crown done. Until you get the crown done please avoid hard, crunchy foods.

15. How can we avoid getting a Root Canal in the future?
 Keeping the teeth clean by brushing and flossing and thus preventing decay. Having regular dental examination by the dentist can catch the decay in their earliest stage. Also wearing custom mouth guard prevents tooth injury. Also making a habit of eating healthy food low in sugar content can prevent tooth decay.
16. Does Root Canal Treatment cause any illness?
I have personally seen some articles claiming that but there is no scientific evidence of that. We sincerely advice to look at credible websites and not any website. Our best go to organization for Root Canal information is American Association of Endodontics and the website is

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