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Affordable Dentures at Lake Lanier Smiles

 Affordable Dentures at Lake Lanier Smiles

Dentures are made to improve your smile. This article explains about all the types of affordable dentures made at Lake Lanier Smiles.

What is a Denture?
Dentures are custom made replacements of missing teeth. They restore the functionality and appearance of the mouth.

Material used for Denture?
Made of a plastic or metal base, the dentures have a color mirroring the gums and porcelain teeth.

Types of Dentures?
Lake Lanier Smiles offers Total or Complete dentures and partial dentures. When the entire arch is missing teeth, complete dentures are fabricated. In cases where some teeth exist, Partial dentures are placed around the teeth.

Complete Dentures


Primary impression- To obtain a full replica of the anatomical structures in the arch and determine the borders of the denture.

Secondary impression- Taken if more information about the arch anatomy is needed. Utilizing a special custom impression tray, the dentist moves the patient’s lips and cheeks to capture a detailed impression.

• After receiving the denture base, the height of the dentures will be adjusted; midline, canine, and smile lines will be drawn for teeth placement. At this time, the dentist and patient choose the teeth color.

• Following placement of the teeth, the fit, teeth color, and patient comfort are observed. Once the patient and dentist are satisfied the lab fabricates the final denture. Then the dentist delivers the denture to the patient.

Lake Lanier Smiles offers Affordable complete Dentures. We make only custom premium dentures. We offer at a great value of $699.

Implant supported dentures are available. Two or more implants are placed in areas with adequate bone support. The denture clips onto the implants with enough pressure. Despite the lengthy procedure and expense, these pose a lifelong solution, proving strength and stability.

Partial Dentures

Depending on the strength, cost, and flexibility, several types of partial dentures exist. The base framework can be made of cast metal, such as cobalt chromium or acrylic.

• At the first visit, the dentist takes an impression of both upper and lower arches to make study models, to analyze how to design the partial denture.

Primary impression- To support the partial denture, some teeth needs to be prepared. The material used is different than total denture in order to accurately replicate the teeth and anatomical structures. From this impression a special tray for the secondary impression is made.

Secondary impression- Using the special tray, this impression creates an exact replica of the anatomical structures and determines the placement of the claps.

• After receiving the wax denture try-in, the dentist makes sure the clasp fit and height of the dentures adapt to the patients arch. The color selection is chosen in relation to the adjacent teeth.

• In the following appointment, the fit of the denture and clasps are checked by asking you to say certain words. This helps identify inadequate areas. Once the patient and dentist are satisfied with the denture, the lab will finalize the denture.

• Denture delivered and home instructions given.

*In case a metal base is selected over acrylic, a metal framework try-in occurs before the wax denture try-in.

Lake Lanier Smiles offers Affordable Partial Dentures with quality workmanship by local lab technicians. We have a special price of $499 to $699.

Immediate Dentures

when patients need extractions, these types of dentures are available. Immediate dentures are created in relation to the patients arch structure. As the name explains this denture is delivered immediately after extractions so that you have the great smile on the same day of extractions.

Following initial impressions of both arches, the procedure follows a similar order as total dentures. The patient receives their final denture the day of the extractions. Two to Six months after the extractions, the dentures will need to be replaced or relined, due to gum shrinkage at the site of the extractions.

Lake Lanier Smiles offers Affordable Immediate Dentures at a great price. We have a special immediate denture price of $599.

Frequently Asked Questions about Affordable Dentures at Lake Lanier Smiles.

• What is the longevity of dentures?
They generally last around 5-10 years. Like most appliances, maintenance and check-ups can prolong that time frame.

• Do I need to clean the dentures daily?
 Yes, bacteria and fungi such as Candida can breed on the plastic made dentures. Scrub all aspects of the dentures using a toothbrush and water, especially the bottom surface. Hold the denture firmly to prevent dropping and breaking it.

Can I use Toothpaste to brush my dentures?
Absolutely Not. Toothpastes have abrasives which can scratch the denture surface making them rough and then attracting stains and gets discolored.

• What is the best way to store my denture?
Preferably, in a water or denture soak solution filled denture box.

• How often do I need to visit the dentist?
We recommend visiting every 6 month for partial dentures and once a year for total dentures. Due to the intricate aspects of the partial dentures, such as clasps, clean and monitor them on a regular basis. Total denture require at home cleaning, however yearly visits aid in screening for any irregularities of the gums.

• Will the dentures cause my gums to be sore?
In certain cases, soreness and inflammation develops as a result of irritation of the gums. Please visit our office as soon as possible.

• Can I eat with my dentures?
 Yes, we advise eating soft and small portion foods. Initially, avoid eating sticky or chewy foods.

• Will I need a “glue” or fixative?
 Adhesives should be used if necessary. If your dentures become loose we can reline them for more comfort.

If you have any questions about Lake Lanier Smiles Affordable Dentures or to make an appointment to see us, Call us at 770-831-0559 or visit us at WWW. LAKELANIERSMILES.COM for Valuable Coupons and Specials. Our prices are 30-50 % Off Regular Prices. Call Us before Noon and we will see you the Same Day. We accept most insurances. We are conveniently located just off I-985 at 4965 Lanier Islands Parkway, Suite 105, Buford, Ga- 30418. LAKE LANIER SMILES provides Affordable dental care with outstanding customer service to patients in Buford, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Cumming, Flowery Branch and surrounding areas.

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