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Congratulations on your decision to straighten your teeth. You chose a braces system with clear brackets and tooth colored wires. So no more mouthful of metal braces. Here are some instructions to help you maintain the brackets in place and for healthy gums.

What to expect during the treatment:  Teeth and lips may be sore for about couple of weeks. Use wax on the brackets or OTC pain medications to help with discomfort as needed.

What if one of the brackets comes off:  If a bracket pops off your tooth, it might come out of your mouth or stay on the wire. If dislodged bracket isn’t hurting you, try to hang on until you come for your next appointment. But call us if the wire is poking in the back of your mouth. You are responsible for keeping the braces on your teeth.

Avoid the following foods: Pretzels, Crusts, Nuts, Bagels, Wings, Popcorn, Raw Veggies, Candy, Taffy and any other hard foods.

Limit these foods and drinks: Spaghetti sauces, red wines, coffee, tea, strawberry, blueberry, red juices, curry, dark sodas and other food or drinks which can stain the braces.

Brushing and Flossing: We ask you to brush like crazy. Beware plaque and tartar will prevent tooth movement and delay treatment. Also prevents tooth decay and gum disease. Floss is the Boss. Please floss At least twice a day. You can use proxy brush or water flosser to help in cleaning in between your teeth. Make brush and floss your best friends.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns at 770-831-0559. Visit Lake Lanier Smiles at for valuable coupons, special offers and savings.

We are conveniently located off Highway (I-985) at 4965 Lanier Islands Pkwy, Suite 105, Buford, GA-30518. 

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