Saturday, September 5, 2015



1. Do you accept my insurance?
A. We accept most insurances. We don't accept HMO/DMO and Medicaid. Please call us @ 770-831-0559 to check.

2. Do I need Dental Insurance to save on dental exams and treatments?
A. No, you don't need to have dental insurance to save. As dental insurance companies are for profit companies they are like middle man looking for profit. The best solution is to search for a local affordable dentist who can give you discounts on their service by offering coupons or in house dental savings plan. At Lake Lanier Smiles we offer both coupons and free Savings plan. Please call us or visit us at for monthly specials. But FYI, we accept most dental insurances.

3. My Insurance is not paying for a procedure recommended by Dentist. Does it mean its unnecessary treatment?
A. Insurances have some exclusions and limitations in their plans so please go through them carefully before you sign up. On the other side, dentists at Lake Lanier Smiles give all the options of treatment available for a problem irrespective of dental insurance or coverage. That way you get all the options and you decide with the insurance coordinator to choose whichever option you might want to go with. We always try our best to maximize your insurance benefits.

4. My dental insurance says I get two free cleanings per year but my dentist's office charging me for the cleaning!
A. Cleanings can be of different types. Generally prophylaxis, preventive cleaning is free of charge to the patient and insurance mostly pays 100% of the fee. But if you need more than regular cleaning like Full Mouth Debridement or deep cleaning/ scaling and root planning or periodontal maintenance then insurance might cover a percentage but not full coverage. So please talk to our insurance coordinator to find your benefits. But be assured that the doctors at Lake Lanier Smiles do ethical diagnosis and if you have any questions please ask the doctor or hygienist about the diagnosis.

5. Can I still come to you even if you are not listed in my insurance provider list?
A. Sure, we are accepting new patients and we offer in house discount plan which can be comparable to insurance plan and it's absolutely free to enroll. No deductibles, no pre-existing conditions, no limitations and also no need to fill any applications. Every patient will be enrolled in the plan automatically when you don't have insurance. FYI, if you have a good insurance from your employer, than we can give you a form all filled up and ready to send to your insurance company and they will reimburse you directly.

6. I called my insurance and my benefits are not great. How can I change them?
A. Our office cannot change your benefits, the only way is to talk to your employer. Request to get a high quality but cost effective dental plans for employees.

7. Who determines my dental benefits?
A. It all depends on the plan your employer and you chose. Please ask your employer to give you a choice. You should carefully consider the dental benefit plan because it affects your out of pocket expense and dental treatment coverage.

8. Can I get the treatment whenever I want with my insurance plan?
A. Yes, you can get any treatment any time based on the diagnosis your dentist gives. But some insurances asks for predetermination. Predetermination is a procedure where dentist has to send a treatment plan to the third party payer. The dental consultant checks it with your plan to see if the plan covers the procedure. Please note that predetermination is not a guarantee of the payment. Lake Lanier Smiles believe that all the treatment decisions should be between the patient and the dentist based on the diagnosis but not on benefits. If your dental benefits are not great then please talk to us so that we can offer you our affordable dental plan. It's a savings plan not an insurance. 

9. Is it better to go to an in-network dentist?
A.  Yes, There are some benefits like lower out of pocket cost, billed directly to insurance so less paper work for you and you don't have to wait for reimbursement check as it will be paid directly to dentist.

If you have any questions about your Oral Health or to make an appointment to see us. Call us now at 770-831-0559 or visit us at WWW. LAKELANIERSMILES.COM for Valuable Coupons and Specials. Our prices are 30-50 % Off Regular Prices. Call Us before Noon and we will see you the Same Day. We accept most insurances. We are conveniently located just off I-985 at 4965 Lanier Islands Parkway, Suite 105, Buford, Ga- 30418. LAKE LANIER SMILES provides Affordable dental care with outstanding customer service to patients in Buford, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Cumming, Flowery Branch and surrounding areas.


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