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How we save teeth from getting Root Canal Treatment.

Dentists at Lake Lanier Smiles do direct and indirect pulp capping routinely to save the teeth from need of getting a Root Canal Treatment.

Pulp capping is a procedure in dentistry used in cavity preparation, where after removing the deep decay and when close to the pulp/nerve or a pulpal/Nerve exposure happens. It helps in preventing the tooth from dying. The goal of pulp cap is to protect the dental pulp and thus prevent expensive Root Canal Treatment.

Pulp capping can be Direct or Indirect. Direct pulp capping is a procedure where a small amount of sedative dressing is placed over the exposed pulp directly. Indirect pulp capping is a procedure where the sedative filling is placed when there is near exposure but no direct exposure of the pulp. The success is greater with indirect pulp capping then the direct pulp capping.

The pulp cap or the liner used helps in insulating the pulp. Which helps in reducing the post-operative sensitivity. The pulp cap material is made of a unique hydrophilic material helps in hydroxyapatite formation and secondary Dentin bridge formation. Which is nothing but tooth structure to protect the dental nerves and pulp tissues.

Pulp capping material or liner acts as a barrier and protects the dental pulp. We routinely use the pulpal liner under the silver fillings or white fillings. The pulp liner also releases calcium which leads to a protective seal. The stable liner protects the inside of the tooth from the heat and cold foods we consume which transmit through the filling material. In short it acts as an insulation and protects the pulp.

We use Theracal LC or Limelite product which is a resin modified calcium silicate liner with its unique hydrophilic matrix makes it easy in placement and handling. It is flowable so easy to apply to the small areas and we can easily see on X rays due to its radiopaque properties. Other materials used as a pulp all protectant are calcium hydroxide, glass ionomers and resin modified glass ionomers, zinc oxide Eugenol. But Theracal LC and Limelite has provided better results. Calcium silicate-based cements like Theracal are bio-interactive, which means they release and absorb calcium ions and bio-active, which means they form the hydroxyapatite. High amount of calcium release and the formation of apatite helps in clinical healing of the tooth. Theracal also has high alkalinity at the initial placement and then neutralizes after some time. This property prevents the tooth from necrosis or injury and helps with healing.

Pulp capping is not a 100% guarantee that the tooth doesn’t need Root Canal Treatment any more. But it gives a chance for the pulp to recover. Whenever pulp capping doesn’t work, we do Root Canal Treatment. At Lake Lanier Smiles we do affordable Root Canal Treatments.

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