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Affordable Dental Crowns in Buford, GA

If you are looking for affordable and high-quality dental crowns in Buford, GA, look no further! You are at the right place. Before our highly-qualified dentists help you get best-in-class dental crowns, we strongly recommend you to read this blog.  

What is a Dental Crown?  

As you can see from the picture above, a crown is a kind of dental restoration used mainly to encircle or cap a damaged tooth or dental implant. In addition to strengthening a tooth or protecting it from further decay or damage, a dental crown also restores the natural shape and color of the tooth.

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

·         Your tooth gets weakened by decay
·         Your tooth gets fractured, chipped, or worn down
·         Your dental bridge needs support to hold in place
·         Your tooth looks crooked or discolored
·         Your dental implant needs a covering
·         Your tooth needs a cosmetic modification for better smile
·         Your tooth needs strengthening after a root canal treatment
In addition to the above, your dentist may suggest crowns to treat a variety of other dental conditions or use them in preventive care procedures.

What are the Different Types of Dental Crowns Available to Choose from?

Dental crowns are majorly classified into five different types based mostly on the type of material used to make them. Your dentist suggests a crown to you after assessing several factors like the severity of tooth damage, cosmetic value, its proximity and your financial interests.

1. All Ceramic Crowns: These crowns are used mainly to restore the front teeth. They are popular choice for front teeth because of their ability to blend in with the natural tooth color. On the downside, all ceramic crowns have longevity and durability issues.

2. All Metal Crowns: They are amazing when it comes to strength, durability and retention. They are inexpensive. Metal crowns are mostly preferred for back teeth. They are further classified into two types; gold alloys and base metal alloys.

 3. Porcelain-fused to Metal (PFM) Crowns: As the name suggests. PFM crowns are a perfect blend of all ceramic and all metal crowns. They inherit the good features of ceramic and metal crowns.

4. All Resin Crowns: These crowns are inexpensive. They look very natural. All resin crowns are one of the best types of crowns when it comes to blending in with the natural teeth. However, most doctors don't suggest these crowns because they undergo wear and tear quickly with time. They are vulnerable to fractures as well. They are used as long term temporary crowns.

5. Zirconium Crowns: The Zirconium crowns are tough. They withstand wear and tear, and look just like natural teeth. These crowns are made at the lab or at the dental office with the help of a computer software. They are little expensive when you compare them with the other types of crowns.

What is the Cost of a Dental Crown?

The cost of a crown depends on the type you prefer to use. Lake Lanier Smiles offers top-notch and affordable dental crowns in Buford, GA and neighboring towns. Our popular crowns are priced between $699 and $799.

How Long will the Dental Crown Procedure Takes Place?

At Lake Lanier Smiles, the procedure is usually completed in two appointments.

First Appointment
·         A tooth impression will be taken
·         Tooth will be shaped so it lets the crown sit on it perfectly
·         A temporary crown will be placed until the permanent crown is cemented
During the time gap between the two appointments, a dental laboratory will fabricate your permanent crown. It usually takes a couple of weeks. The dental Crowns of Lake Lanier Smiles is made with in Georgia and not made outside United States.

Second Appointment
·         The temporary crown will be removed
·         Dentist will place the crown on the tooth to check for its accuracy
·         Dentist will make sure that it isn't giving any bite problems
·         The permanent crown will be cemented once everything is fine and clear

What are Some At-home Instructions a Patient needs to follow after the Procedure?

·         Over the counter Pain killers like Ibuprofen helps if the pain is persistent.
·         Salt water rinses help reduce redness and irritation in gums.
·         Refrain from eating anything until the anesthetic effect completely wears off to prevent possible mouth injury.
·         Be cautious while eating sticky or hard foods after the doctor puts a temporary crown. Chew on the other side to keep the crown from dislodging.
·         Eat only soft food on the day you get your temporary crown.
·         Be cautious while flossing. Slide the floss under the crown and gently pull outwards avoiding upward motion.
·         In case if the temporary crown gets dislodged, save it and immediately call our office at 770-831-0559.
·         You may feel pressure and discomfort for up to 3 days. If the pain or discomfort lasts longer than three days, call our office as soon as possible.
·         Sometimes, it isn't uncommon that the tooth becomes loose after the procedure. If you observe any looseness in the tooth or the crown, let us know about it as soon as possible. Any delay in reporting the problem may increase the risk of bacterial infection.

What are Some Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Crowns?

1. Will the Crown look like my natural tooth?

Depending on the type of crown you choose, a crown looks just like a natural tooth. To make it blend in with the adjacent teeth, custom stains can be applied.

2. How long will a crown last?

On average, a crown can last for ten or more years. However, the life of a crown greatly depends on one's oral hygiene habits. People who constantly chew on ice, fingernails or hard foods are at a greater risk of damaging their crowns early.

3. How can I maintain the hygiene of the crown?

Regular oral hygiene habits like cleaning teeth and gums help maintain the life of the crown. In addition to them, you need to make sure that you don't chew on hard food. If you have the habit of grinding your teeth in sleep, you need to inform it to the doctor. The doctor will give you night guard to help prevent damage caused by teeth grinding.

4. Will the reduction of teeth hurt?

No. You hardly notice any discomfort because you will be given an anesthetic.

5. What is a post crown?

In case if the crown needs to be put on a root canal tooth, a post is placed on which the crown is seated. It provides greater stability to the crown.

Do You Need More Information?

If you need more information on dental crowns, give us a call at (770) 831-0559. The customer-obsessed Lake Lanier Smiles team is more than happy to assist you and help you get the right dental crowns you need. In case if you want one of our team members to get in touch with you, please feel free to drop your phone number at Don't forget to ask us about the special discounts we offer on various dental procedures!

Lake Lanier Smiles is committed to providing best and affordable dental care in Buford and the surrounding towns.  As a Buford emergency dentist, we make sure patients living in the community receive right treatment on right time. We are also one of the few dental offices that offer same-day dental appointment in Buford.  

We are conveniently located at 4965 Lanier Islands Pkwy, Suite 105, Buford, GA 30518. We accept most major dental insurances, Care Credit, credit cards, cash and money orders. 

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