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Affordable Dentures in Buford and Denture Care

Affordable Dentures in Buford and Denture Care

Our Buford dentist office provide a lot of varieties of Dentures to our patients and make quality custom Dentures at affordable price.

At Lake Lanier Smiles we make sure all new denture patients get what they expect and happy with the results.

The dentists at our Buford dental office offer all the options for missing teeth including Dental Implants and Dental Bridges and Dentures.

The dentists at our dental office highly recommend periodic examination and proper denture care so that the appliances last longer.

Here are the list of Instructions for Removable Dentures

1.  Denture Cleaning: Lake Lanier Smiles dentists recommend to remove and rinse Dentures after eating. When cleaning the Dentures always fill some water in the sink or by placing a towel would reduce the chance of breakage if you drop the Dentures. Make sure to remove the food debris and loose particles.

2.  Denture Storage: Always place the Dentures in a box filled with water. For some reason dogs like to grab the Dentures and chew on them so storing them away will protect the Dentures. Handle the Partial Dentures carefully not to bend the clasps.
3.  Mouth Cleaning: Make sure to clean your mouth after removing dentures by using a soft brush on teeth and tongue. Rinse with a mouthwash and clean the cheeks and palate with a soft cloth or towel soaked in mouthwash.

4.  Brushing Dentures: Never brush Dentures with abrasive dental cleaner as they can cause damage by making scratches. Use denture cleaning tablets to clean the Dentures but don't use denture cleaners inside the mouth.

5.  Soaking Dentures during Night:  Most Dentures need to remain moist to keep their shape, so store the Dentures overnight in water or a denture cleaning solution. Beware that some denture cleaning tablets require 5 minutes and some need overnight to clean the Dentures. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for soaking.

6.  Why not to sleep with the Dentures at Night:  Recent Studies have confirmed that patients who sleep with Dentures have increased risk of pneumonia. 
Taking dentures out allows gums to recover and gives oxygen to gums. Yeast infections are also common in patients who wear Dentures continuously. It causes redness and burning sensations.
The dentists at our Buford dental office recommend to sleep without Dentures and if patients can't sleep without Dentures then at least take the Dentures off during other times like getting ready.

7.  Morning Denture Care: Always rinse the Dentures before wearing them in the morning making sure all the denture soaking solution is removed.

8.  Regular Dental Checkups: Lake Lanier Smiles dentists advise yearly exams for complete Dentures wearers and half yearly checkups and cleaning for partial denture wearers. Our Buford dentist also check the fit and conditions of the Dentures at every dental visit.

9.  Loose Fitting Dentures: Please visit our dental office in Buford if you have loose Dentures. They can cause irritation, bleeding, pain and infections. The bone under the Dentures constantly change the shape and shrink so the Dentures might need to be redone or relined.

10.      Denture Adhesives: Patients with loose Dentures often need some adjustments and we recommend using denture adhesives to retain the appliances. Patients on medications have dry mouth which cause Dentures not to fit properly. Those patients benefit with denture adhesives.

1.  Never use abrasive dental cleaners
2.  Never use hard tooth brush on Dentures
3.  Never use tooth paste on the Dentures
4.  Never use any bleaching or whitening products on the dentures
5.  Never use Hot water or boiling water on the Dentures.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about dentures or oral health at 770-831-0559 or visit us at WWW. LAKELANIERSMILES.COM for Valuable Coupons and Specials. Our prices are 30-50 % Off Regular Prices. Call Us before Noon and we will see you the Same Day. We accept most insurances. We are conveniently located just off I-985 at 4965 Lanier Islands Parkway, Suite 105, Buford, Ga- 30418.

LAKE LANIER SMILES provides Affordable dental care with outstanding customer service to patients in Buford, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Cumming, Flowery Branch and surrounding areas.


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