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Today we will learn the uses of Mouthwash, other than washing your mouth. Hope you like these dental life hacks. Do you know before Listerine was promoted as a mouthwash, was used on surgical dressings after surgeries. Actually Listerine started as a surgical antiseptic around 1881. Eventually it is marketed to the public as over the counter mouthwash in 1895. One of the most famous advertising slogan which made Listerine as a household name is “Kills Germs that cause bad breath”. Enough of History, lets dive into the uses of Mouthwash outside your oral cavity.

1.     TOILET CLEANER: If you want a Happy Toilet just pour a ¼ cup of mouthwash and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then just scrub and you see a super shiny toilet.

2.     LAUNDRY ODOR KILLER: The most common problem with the stubborn smells even after washing them is because of germs (bacteria and Fungi). Just take a cup of mouthwash and add it to the regular wash cycle and see the wonder works. Especially good for those smelly dirty socks.

3.     SMELLY GARBAGE DISPOSALS: Have you had the problem of foul smelling garbage disposals. Just like how mouthwash destroys the bad breath can also destroy the foul smells in the garbage disposal. Solution is pour four ounces of that minty mouthwash you have, down the drain and let it take care of the yucky smells.

4.     CLEAN HUMIDIFIERS: Do you know humidifiers is a sweet home for the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew because of moisture in it.  Especially important that you clean regularly, more so if you are not using often. Add about ½ an ounce of mouthwash to the water and keep the air you breathe clean and fresh.

5.     SCREEN CLEANERS:  Are you tired of those streaks and smudges on the glass screens or windows, then just use a cloth dampened with mouthwash. Then use a microfiber which is non-abrasive to dry it out. Use it on computers or Televisions. BEWARE that alcohols in the mouthwash can spoil the LCD’s (Liquid Crystal Displays).  I would recommend this life hack only be used cautiously.

6.     RESCUE PLANTS: Have you seen plant leaves getting affected with fungus and mildew. Make a mixture of mouthwash (1/4th) and water (3/4th) and spray on to the leaves. Please don’t overdo it, just spray once a week and see the miracles.

7.     NAIL FUNGUS TREATMENT: Nail fungus are very stubborn and are difficult to eradicate. But a mixture of mouth wash (1/2) and vinegar (1/2) applied with a Q-tip to the affected area 3 times a day would help. Remember you might have to use this for at least few weeks to see the result. So be Patient.

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