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1. Sugar only causes cavities
In fact any form of Carbs can cause cavity. It can be potato, bread or rice. Even fruits and vegetables have sugars and can cause cavities.

2. Acid causes Cavities
Bacteria produces acid which dissolve the enamel and weakens the tooth causing cavities. Eating acidic food intensify the decay process.

3. Kids have more cavities than Adults
Adults, especially senior citizens are having more cavities than regular population due to the medications which dry out the mouth. 
Due to the water fluoridation the kids are having a reduced number of cavities then before. 

4. Holding Aspirin/ goody powder next to painful tooth helps
Aspirin or Goody powder needs to be swallowed to ease the toothache or body aches. On contrary if you keep goody powder or Aspirin on the gums or check can cause "Aspirin Chemical Burn". 
Aspirin is a chemical and burns the oral tissues, gums and cheeks. Most cases heal within two weeks fortunately but visit a dentist to take care of the toothache.

5. All cavities should hurt
Far from true. A tooth has a nerve inside and is covered by dentin which has nerve endings and on top of it is the hardest substance in our body called enamel. If you feel pain then the cavity might have spread into the dentin or nerve which has nerve endings causing pain. You will not have pain when the decay is in the enamel. So it is better to get your teeth checked regularly so that the dentist can check for any early cavities. Even dentists can reverse the very early process of cavities. Schedule an appointment with the dentists at Lake Lanier Smiles for evaluation.

6. Cavities will not happen once it's filled.
A filling is done after removing all the cavity. But it doesn't protect the tooth from future cavities. You get cavities next to the fillings if you don't take care of your teeth. So brush and floss regularly.

7. Cavities form only on chewing surface
Cavities can happen anywhere food can get stuck and it is more common in between the teeth where bacteria can hide. Cavities can form on chewing surface where you have grooves/ fissures. We can prevent those cavities by doing sealants. To prevent from cavities in between teeth, the only way is Floss regularly.
Pic of sealant 

8. Gaps between teeth causes cavities
Wider the spaces between the teeth, easier to clean and lesser the chances of cavities. On contrary if the gap is too small then food can get stuck and cause cavities if not cleaned well.

9. Sensitive teeth are a sign for a cavity
Sensitivity can be caused by exposed dentin which can be caused by attrition, abrasion, erosion, fractured tooth. Lastly it can be caused by decay but it's not the only reason though. We have multiple treatments for sensitivity.

10. Babies can get cavities
Primary or baby teeth are just like adult teeth and they can get cavities too. Even baby teeth needs to be brushed and flossed. 

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